Snaggletooth Kobold for VRChat

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Thank you for checking out my listing. This is the Orange Nova Snaggletooth Kobold, one of the most feature-rich and heavily customizable avatars in VRChat!

The full feature list can be found below, but to point out the highlights;

- Customize and change up your look, on the fly, inworld! Several replaceable outfits, in-depth head ornament and skin parameter adjustments, and expressive visemes and expressions, allows you to easily tailor your look to suit your mood, without having to import a whole bunch of variants!

- Both Quest and PC versions provided - ensuring you can be seen by anyone, no matter the target platform!

- Supports full-body tracking (naturally)

- Comes with all source files, allowing power users to adjust, tweak, and change anything you'd like. 

To be kept aware of updates, work in progress, and other ONA releases, please join our Discord!

The current avatar version is v2.04

To report bugs and issues, let me know what you like or hate about the avatar, or tell me about features you would love to see implemented - join us on Discord!

Quickstart guide:

DLC - Crusader


A handy, stylized suite of armor. Help take Kobold Warfare into the modern era!

Requires Blender/Unity know-how to set up and use. 

DLC - Gymwear

NOTAIL ONLY! Comes with 52 different texture variations, some plain, some groovy


- You have the rights to upload this avatar for private use in VRChat, NeosVR, or similar platforms!

- You have the rights to develop content for this avatar, for yourself or others, as long as your client(s) own a copy of the avatar themselves!

- You DO NOT have the right to redistribute the raw models to the general public. Your purchase here is for PERSONAL USE.

- You DO NOT have the right to resell this avatar inside, or outside, of VRChat

- You DO, however have the right to upload this avatar as public!

- You DO have the right to make avatar pedestals. Just, please, add a link to my store/Discord if you do


  • Set up with VRC Avatar SDK 3.0, baby!
  • Quest compatible!
  • Male and female, PG/Tasteful variants
  • 80 (!!!) gallery presets to choose from
  • Seven skin archetypes, HUNDREDS of recolor textures
  • Almost a hundred unique eyeball options!
  • Large array of optional head ornaments
  • Wagging, poseable tail, flicking ears
  • Infinite color customization possibilities via custom made, easily adjustable shaders for both clothing and skins!
  • Extremely functional expressions menu for on-the-fly outfit and accessory switching, as well as facial expression controls.
  • Full body tracking
  • Eye tracking
  • Expressive visemes
  • Digigrade leg option
  • Large array of facial expressions, drivable by hand controllers or the expressions menu
  • Physbone support
  • Tanktop, Undies, corset and Hoodie outfits included
  • Secret Curses to spook your friends
  • Blend files and .PSD files included!

Got feedback? Input? Something you like or dislike? Join our Discord!

If you have any questions about this product, please reach out and ask before purchasing. I cannot offer refunds, as you cannot return your purchase.

Also, obviously, only upload PG content to VRChat as public, and comply with their TOS! 

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Contains VRChat-ready unitypack file, all texture base PSD files, and the Kobold blendfile!


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Snaggletooth Kobold for VRChat

184 ratings
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